Videos About Using the American Sun Oven

If you would like to see a few short and informative tutorials about the Sun Oven and how to use it, the three videos below cover just about everything.....
From how the oven works and how to set up and use it, to what cookware to use, and why a solar oven is so enjoyable to cook with.

​This video introduces the new American Sun Oven, an upgraded model from the previous Global Sun Oven that has been around since the mid-1980's. Oven inventor Paul Munsen gives a brief history of the oven, the improvements implemented in the last upgrade, and also gives an overview of solar oven usage. It is fun to watch the inventor of this terrific oven show how easy it is to set up, use, and stow when done.

​Paul Munsen, Sun Oven inventor, demonstrating the various cookware accessories that are available for the oven. He gives a nice overview of how to use each item, and what to look for or avoid in any solar oven cookware that you use. The color of your cookware, as well as what it is made out of will make a significant difference in how well it works in the oven. Paul explains it all in this short tutorial.

​In this video, Paul goes into more detail about how the Sun Oven works, and the unique way that it cooks food with even, non-drying, non-burning heat. It's almost impossible to burn your food when cooked in a good solar oven, as there is no heating element and therefore, no need to stir your food to redistribute the heat. Your food will stay moist and succulent, and the difference is noticeable.