Cookware Accessories for The American Sun Oven

The items on this page have been designed or selected specifically for use in the Sun Oven.

You will find that you don't really change anything about the way you cook when you use a solar oven.
Your favorite recipes will work just like they do in your kitchen. In fact, you have more options than with your regular oven.

For detailed information, please refer to this article on cookware selection and use in our News & Views page.
If you are wondering if a solar oven can be used during the winter months. The short answer is “yes”.

The longer, and better answer is: "Yes, and here are some important things that you can do
to be more successful and get more winter cooking use from your oven."
The Sun Oven Company shipping policy provides free delivery for any single item of cookware shown below, ​when ordered with a Sun Oven, with a few exceptions described below

Additional cookware after the 1st item requires a separate shipment and an extra shipping charge for each item.

EXCEPTIONS: The Cookie/Brownie Pans, Hanging Roast Rack, and Water Pasteurization Indicator may be combined with any other item, due to their compact shipping profile.

Shipping Surcharges: Cookware ordered without a Sun Oven purchase will incur a $16 shipping surcharge, which will be applied at checkout.

3-qt Roasting Pot with Lid

Black enamelware cooking pot with lid.
Perfectly sized for the Sun Oven, and designed
to maximize heat transfer. 
Holds 3 quarts of liquid, or a 3 lb. roast.
Free Shipping in Continental U.S. When Ordered With Oven*

3 qt cookpot with lid

$ 9.00

4-qt Cookpot + Steamer Basket Insert & Lid

Tall black enamelware pot with steamer-basket
insert and lid.

Maximum heat design can be used for steaming
or for soups, etc.

​Free Shipping in Continental U.S. When Ordered Oven*

4 qt steamer pot with basket and lid

$ 15.00

Set of 2 Stackable Cookpots + Swappable Lids

Set of two 3-quart enamelware pots which can be safely and easily stacked.
Includes an interchangeable enamel pot lid & a glass lid for improved visibility & browning.

Free Shipping ​in Continental U.S. When Ordered With Oven*


two-stackable-cookpots with lids

$ 22.00

3-Piece Roasting Pan Set with Rack & Lid

Fits the Sun Oven perfectly. Roasts fast & evenly.
Dark porcelain surface & steel core.

Cleans up easily.  Includes roasting rack and lid.

Free Shipping in Continental U.S. When Ordered With Oven*


3 piece roasting pan set with rack and lid

$ 25.00

Set of 2 Cookie/Brownie Baking Sheets

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel for even heat, these cross-stackable pans are a perfect fit in the Sun Oven cooking chamber. Non-stick coating.

Free Shipping in Continental U.S. When Ordered With Oven*


$ 10.00

3-Level Baking & Dehydrating Racks

3 Easy-to-stack wire racks for baking or drying food.
Includes 1 roll of unbleached, silicone-coated
parchment paper

Free Shipping in Continental U.S. When Ordered With Oven*

dehydrator racks

$ 23.00

Turkey/Roast Hanging Oven Rack

Turkey/Roast Cook Rack mounts in place of the levelator tray, & holds up to an 18 lb. turkey.
Curved bottom nicely cradles the bird or roast.

​Free Shipping in Continental U.S. When Ordered With Oven*


$ 21.00

Digital In-Oven Thermometer with Alarm

Programmable digital thermometer can be used in the oven
to give you real-time internal temperature of your food.
Set alarm to beep when desired temp is reached.

​Free Shipping in Continental U.S. When Ordered With Oven*

digital thermometer

$ 24.00

Emergency Preparedness & Dehydrator Rack Package

Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set
One roll of unbleached parchment paper
Two Easy Stack Pots + swappable enamel & glass lids
Two Bread Loaf Sized Pans
Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)

dehydrator and preparedness package

$ 69.00

Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)

A WAPI is a reusable transparent tube which contains wax. 
The wax melts and drops to the bottom of the tube when it reaches 150°F (65°C)for 6 minutes indicating that the water has been pasteurized and is now safe to drink.

FREE Shipping within the Continental U.S. when ordered with Oven

water pasteurization indicator

$ 8.00

The Solar Chef Cookbook 

Solar oven recipes with a Southwestern twist!
Includes recipes for main courses, omelets and egg dishes, soups, stews, and baked goods.

56 pages.

FREE Shipping within the Continental U.S. when ordered with Oven

solar chef solar cookbook

$ 14.00

Morning Hill Solar Cookbook 

A very nice collection of vegetarian recipes for you to enjoy 
Wide variety of recipe categories include main dishes, salads, soups, stews, baked goods, and baked sweets.

100 pages.

FREE Shipping within the Continental U.S. when ordered with Oven

morning hill solar cookbook

$ 14.00