About Us

TerraSano: Who We Are And What We Do

What does "TerraSano" mean?

TerraSano is the Latin expression for "healthy earth". We are proud to offer the American Sun Oven as a way to save money and enjoy life while contributing to a healthier earth.

How long have you been in business?
We have been a leading dealer for the Sun Oven company since 2007. Feel free to contact the good people at the Sun Oven company and ask them about us ("TerraSano"). You can also check our record with the Better Business Bureau: 

Where are you?

We have been in beautiful Olympia, Washington since 2010. Prior to that, we were in Northern Illinois, a short distance from the Sun Oven manufacturer.

Please feel free to contact us using either the form at the bottom of this page, or the chat/email app at the bottom/right.

Why did you decide to sell Sun Ovens?
I've been an avid camper and cook for over 30 years. Back in 2007, I was researching items with emergency preparedness as a main goal, but also with a preference for items that could be used regularly at home and on camping trips. I came across an ad for the Sun Oven and was fascinated by the oven's design and capabilities.

 When I did a little more digging for info, I discovered that the Sun Oven manufacturer was located about 30 minutes from where I lived at the time, in Northern Illinois. I called the company and asked if I could visit, and they were very welcoming. When I arrived, I got a tour of the facility and had a wonderful conversation with Paul Munsen, the Sun Oven inventor and company founder.

 I was so impressed with the oven, the facility, and the people there that I immediately asked Paul if I could be one of his internet dealers. It has been a terrific experience since, as both a Sun Oven dealer, and as an owner & frequent user. 

Why is "TerraSano" not on the list of dealers provided on the official Sun Oven company website?
The list on the Sun Oven company website only names dealers that have a storefront and maintain an inventory. Again, please feel free to check our status with the Sun Oven company.

We prefer an online presence to a storefront. That allows us to keep our costs at at very low level and offer the American Sun Oven at the lowest price.

Your oven will not come off of a display floor or a dusty warehouse shelf. It will be shipped directly to you, fresh off of the assembly line at the one and only manufacturer in Elburn, Illinois.

Can I get a Sun Oven cheaper than your offering price?
You might find a used oven at a cheaper price somewhere online, but not a new oven. The Sun Oven Company sets a minimum price that authorized dealers are allowed to charge for the American Sun Oven. Our policy is to offer you the Sun Oven at the lowest price that the manufacturer allows. If you see a lower price online, that seller is not authorized by the Sun Oven Company.

I am uncomfortable giving credit card info online.
Your connection to our site is automatically encrypted with the latest industry-standard TLS protocol. You can verify by looking for the green padlock and "https" in your browser's address bar. No one at our company or the Sun Oven company ever sees or has access to your credit card info. Your financial information is totally private to you, from start to finish.

Will you keep me informed about the status of my order?
Yes....every order receives an email from us confirming the contents of the order, and an estimation of shipping date. When your order ships, you will receive another email from us confirming shipment and providing tracking info.

How will my oven ship?
If you live in the Continental U.S. your oven will ship by Federal Express Ground Service, if the address that you provided is a street address. If you provided a post office box as your shipping location, or if you are in Hawaii, your oven will be shipped to you via U.S. Priority Mail.

How can I be sure my Sun Oven is not a cheap imitation?
Beware of counterfeits. There are nearly identical looking ovens being sold as Sun Ovens that are made from cheap materials in an overseas factory. A real Sun Oven will have the official name on the side, and will have been made at and shipped from the Elburn, Illinois manufacturer.

Thank you for visiting us. Please feel free to “Contact Us” with any questions or comments.