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Enamelware Cooking Pot
3-quart Pot - Holds a 3 lb. bird or a 3 lb. roast
sun oven 3 qt roasting pot
***Please note that due to Sun Oven Company
shipping policy, this item may not be combined
with either the Stackable Pots or the Enhanced
Essentials Package shown below without incurring
additional shipping costs.***
The Basic Essentials Package
Includes one 3 quart enamelware lidded pot, a pair of bread baking
pans, and a pair of cookie/brownie sheets.
A $36 value.
sun oven 3 qt roasting pot
Set of Two Stackable 3-qt Pots

Set of two interconnecting enamelware
pots which can be safely and easily
stacked. Includes an interchangeable
enamel pot lid and a glass lid for
improved visibility and browning.
The Enhanced Essentials Package
Includes a set of two stackable 3-qt pots, a pair of bread baking pans,
and a pair of cookie/brownie sheets.
A $44 value.
Dehydrator/Baking Racks +
Parchment Paper
A simple effective way to use a GLOBAL SUN
OVEN® to dry and dehydrate with the power of
the sun. Easily stackable wire racks allow up to 3
layers of drying: comes with a set of 3 stackable
racks and one roll of unbleached, silicone coated
parchment baking paper.
The Complete Essentials Package
  • A 3qt Roasting Pot with Lid
  • Two Cookie/Brownie Sheets
  • Two Bread Loaf Pans
  • Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set (set of 3 racks w/1 roll
    parchment paper)
  • A $61 Value
sun oven 3 qt roasting pot
Cookie Sheet/Brownie Pans

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel
that provides even-heating,
which baking experts prefer for
perfectly-browned baked goods.

The non-stick coating makes food
release and clean-up a breeze!

Each pan measures: 11" x 7"  x 1.5
Sun Oven Cookie/Brownie Pans
Set of Two Loaf Pans

Favorite size for homemade
breads & cakes.

Constructed of heavy-gauge
steel that provides

The non-stick coating makes
food release and clean-up a

Each pan measures: 9 1/4" x
5 1/4" x 2 3/4"
Sun Oven Bread Loaf Pans
Water Pasteurization Indicator

A simple thermometer that indicates
when water has reached
pasteurization temperature and is
safe to drink.

A small polycarbonate tube contains
a wax that melts when water is
heated enough to be pasteurized (65
C/149 F).

Since water pasteurizes at
temperatures well below the boiling
point of water, WAPI's save time
when solar pasteurizing, and save
fuel when using traditional methods
Sun Oven Water Pasteurization Indicator
$ 8.00      
Morning Hill Solar Cookery
(Vegetarian Solar Recipes)
By Jennifer Stein Barker - 97 pages
The Solar Chef
Southwestern Recipes for Solar Cooking.
A Different Kind of Cookbook! - 50 pages

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  •  Includes: American Sun Oven, attached collapsible  
    reflectors, self-contained alignment leg, built-in
    thermometer, sun-track indicator,  recipes, and
    instructions.  30-day Money Back guarantee.
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The American Sun Oven replaces the original Global Sun Oven, and has a
cooking chamber that is 20% larger. This allows you to cook a greater
volume of food and use a greater variety of cookware.

Your Sun Oven can be used for baking, boiling, steaming, and even
dehydrating food.    It works equally well in all seasons, regardless of
outside temperature. There is no flame or heating element, so your food will
cook evenly and retain its natural moisture without burning.

The Sun Oven can be used easily as either an oven reaching cooking
temperatures of 350-400 degrees, or as a slow cooker/crock pot that you can
place a meal into and then enjoy hours later with no in-between stirring or
attention needed.

The Sun Oven allows you to cook meals without gas, electricity, or other
fuels, saving you money and helping the environment. It is also easily
portable, folding down to the size of an airline carry-on bag and weighing
only 22 lbs, so you can take it along on camping trips, picnics, or cookouts.
The American Sun Oven
$294 - Delivered by FedEx to your door
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