The All American Sun Oven
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The All American Sun Oven

The All American Sun Oven replaces the original Global Sun Oven, and has a cooking chamber that is 20% larger. This allows you to cook a greater volume of food and use a greater variety of cookware.

Your Sun Oven can be used for baking, boiling, steaming, and even dehydrating food.
It works equally well in all seasons, regardless of outside temperature. There is no flame or heating element, so your food will cook evenly and retain its natural moisture without burning.

The Sun Oven can be used easily as either an oven reaching cooking temperatures of
350-400 degrees, or as a slow cooker/crock pot that you can place a meal into and then enjoy hours later with no in-between stirring or attention needed.

The Sun Oven allows you to cook meals without gas, electricity, or other fuels, saving you money and helping the environment. It is also easily portable, folding down to the size of an airline carry-on bag and weighing only 22 lbs, so you can take it along on camping trips, picnics, or cookouts.

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Video: How The All American Sun Oven Works
The All American Sun Oven is easy to set up in just a few seconds
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What's new in the AMERICAN SUN OVEN® ?

The American Sun Oven has a cooking chamber that is 20% larger than the original model while keeping the same exterior dimensions
New EZ SunTracker mounted on the front panel assures quick and correct alignment with the sun.
A re-designed sun-alignment leg provides much better support and wind stability.
A dual-purpose leveling rack keeps your cookware level at all times and doubles as a baking/dehydrator rack.
New glass oven door is 25% thicker for more durability and heat retention.
Each American Sun Oven includes a CD-ROM containing 600 recipes, cooking tips, emergency preparedness info, and videos.
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Who Would Enjoy a SUN OVEN®?

Outdoor Chefs....The Sun Oven is a great way to expand what you can cook and improve the taste of what you cook.!

Home Bakers....How would you like to bake on stifling summer days without heating up your kitchen?

Environmentalists....A great way to further "green" your life by saving energy while reducing carbon emissions into the environment!

Campers....Would you like new and easier camp cooking, plus the ability to cook in areas where open flames have been banned?.

Boaters....Wouldn't it be great to expand your menus without spending the whole time in the galley?

Food preservers....The Sun Oven is perfect for naturally drying and dehydrating to create sun dried foods.

Emergency Workers....Do you operate in remote areas where there is no power, or where open flames are potentially dangerous?

SUN OVEN® in use at Mt. Everest base camp

The American Sun Oven® provides campers, workers, and environmentalists a safe,natural way to cook quality meals without flame or fuel.

The perfect, cost-effective way to cook without carbon, and truly leave no trace on the environment!

Satisfaction Guarantee®: If you are not completely satisfied with your SUN OVEN® you may return it any time within the first 30 days and receive a refund.

The American Sun Oven®
folds up like a suitcase. It is 19'' x 19'' and weighs 22 lbs.

SUN OVEN International, Inc. is striving to develop and implement comprehensive solar cooking programs that will radically decrease the developing worlds dependence on fuel wood and dung as the primary cooking fuels while benefiting the environment, raising the standard of living and improving the health of the poor worldwide.